Qualified Logging Professionals

Becoming a Qualified Logging Professional (QLP) maintaining this status through continuing education is another great way to demonstrate your dedication to sustainable forestry. Each state has its own logger training programs and requirements, so it’s important to contact your respective states program office to inquire about the details. The states of Washington, Idaho, and Montana recognize each other’s training programs, so it’s therefore not necessary to become trained in more than one state if you plan to work across state lines. For those individuals have already completed a logger training program and are currently recognized as a QLP, it is important to maintain this status by obtaining the necessary number of continuing education credits each year Please remember to keep a record of the courses and meetings that you’ve taken to document these credits. It’s your responsibility to submit this information to your states logging association each year.

Stimson will continue to encourage and support logger training programs. As a way to demonstrate our commitment to logger training and sustainable forestry, it is Stimson’s policy to only contract with Qualified Logging Professionals when conducting harvest activities on our company timberlands and stumpage contracts.

Below is a list of links to information to access information on the QLP programs for states in our area.