Log Procurement Policy


Stimson Lumber Company is committed to the practice of sustainable forestry and to the Sustainable Forestry Inititative (SFI). The SFI program is an international certification program designed to encourage the practice of responsible forest management.

The SFI Standard is a comprehensive set of principles, objectives, and performance measures designed to implement, maintain, and verify the use of responsible forestry practices and sound forest stewardship. To put this in simpler words, the SFI Standard is the set of guidelines one must follow to demonstrate the successful integration of growing and cutting trees, with the protection of plants, wildlife, soil, air, and water quality.

Stimson believes that as wood purchasers, it is our responsibility to ensure that the timber we purchase comes from well managed forests. In order to meet this responsibility and to help guide our compliance with the SFI Standard, Stimson has developed the following set of Log Procurement Policies.

  • Stimson will encourage log supplier education and make information available on the importance reforestation, the use of Best Management Practices (BMP's), identification and protection of important habitat elements for wildlife and biodiversity, including Forests with Exceptional Conservation Value.
  • Stimson will encourage our log suppliers to utilize the services of Qualified Resource Professionals (QRPs) and Qualified Logging Professionals (QLPs). Stimson will also encourage our log suppliers to attend professional logger training programs and to certify their property under the SFI program or ATFS. A list of Qualified Logging Professionals is maintained and made available to landowners upon request. Lists of Qualified Logging Professionals may also be found by visiting these websites: (WA) www.loggers.com, (ID) www.idahologgers.com, (MT) www.logging.org, (OR) www.oregonloggers.org. When there is an opportunity of choice, preference shall be given to log suppliers utilizing QLPs when purchasing "gate wood". Stimson will only contract with QLPs in the harvest of Fee and stumpage sales under our direct control.
  • Stimson shall require that all wood delivered to our facilities is harvested in accordance with local and state Forest Practice regulations and/or BMP guidelines. Stimson shall not knowingly accept logs in which state regulations, or BMP's, including, but not limited to, operations in adverse weather condition, are obviously being violated. In accordance with our detailed policy, Stimson shall not purchase wood from operators with on-going Forest Practice or BMP violations.
  • Stimson shall require proof of your state approved harvest compliance permit (as applicable) prior to issuance of a Log Purchase Agreement or payment.

We encourage you to visit www.stimsonlumber.com to learn more about SFI and the practice of sustainable forestry. Please visit the SFI Landowner Outreach section of the website to access a wealth of information on topics central to the practice of sustainable forestry.

In addition, please feel free to contact us directly. Our professional foresters are available to help answer your questions and assist you in the management of your land through sustainable forestry.