American Tree Farm System

The American Tree Farm System is a great way for private landowners to join a program that allows them to certify their property and demonstrate their commitment to responsible land management. ATFS is the world’s oldest sustainable forestry and certification program, which currently has a membership of over 90,000 Tree Farmers on more than 24 million acres. ATFS members start off by deciding what resources they have on their lands and then develop a written management plan to manage those resources. These comprehensive management plans must address all four components shown on the Tree Farm sign; Wood, Water, Wildlife, and Recreation.
Becoming an ATFS member can provide many benefits to you and your property. It enters you into a network of professionals and landowners who share your commitment to sustainable forestry. It also gives you free professional advice from a forester during an initial inspection and during re-certification inspections every five years. You’ll also receive invitations to seminars, field days, and workshops that can help you achieve the goals you have set for your Tree Farm.

For more information of the American Tree Farm System, please visit the following websites: